Fight Over Deer Carcass Lands Two Pennsylvania Hunters in Hospital

Posted by: Mike Willand
Oct 2011

On Saturday, October 9th, a brawl broke out between two hunting parties in Pike County, Pennsylvania over a deer carcass. The result of which being two of the men would ultimately end up in the hospital.

Deer hunter Jason Frey of Bethlehem said he had shot a deer and tracked it onto neighboring property, Anthony Contino’s ground. When Contino and Frey eventually ran into each other, Contino told Frey that the deer had been shot earlier in the day by a guest of his and asked that Frey (and party) promptly leave his property. Frey then threatened to call the state game commission to rectify the incident.

buck looking at you

Would you fight over a deer carcass?

Tempers flared and a fight broke out, the result of which were that both Contino, 48, and another member of the Frey hunting party, Arthur Frey, 57, were taken to area hospitals. Both men are reported to be in stable condition.

The Hunting Network would like to hear your opinion - Do you believe it’s worth the possible risk to throw a punch over a deer? What if it were a buck?

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