Possible NEW Connecticut Record Non-Typical Buck

Posted by: Mike Willand
Oct 2011

We don’t know the name of the bowhunter who shot the buck in the picture below and we cannot tell you the exact date it was taken. However, what we do know is this, the monstrous buck didn’t fall to a hunter from Wisconsin, Minnesota, or even Illinois - it fell to one in Connecticut of all places!

dude with giant connecticut buck

This incredible buck was taken late last month in Connecticut!

Sometime late last month outside of Haddam, Connecticut, an unnamed hunter took this incredible buck with a reported net score of 226 7/8 inches! If this is true, it would shatter the state’s previous record non-typical taken in 2000 by hunter Henry Konow. That buck would measure 201 7/8 inches.

The rumor is that the hunter had seen the buck walking down his grandmother’s driveway the week before. He then slipped in to make the kill. Area hunters were said to have known about the deer.

connecticut buck in bed of truck

At 226 7/8 inches this deer may be Connecticut's NEW number one non-typical!

Connecticut has less than twenty all-time Boone and Crockett record book entries between typical and non-typical whitetails.

The Hunting Network staff would like to congratulate the very anonymous hunter who took this absolute stud of a buck. We hope that as the weeks pass we’ll have more information to give you on this amazing animal. Congrats to the hunter again!

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