Possible NEW Wisconsin Record Buck Taken by Fon Du Lac Hunter

Posted by: Mike Willand
Oct 2011

If there is one thing the good people of the Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin area know, it’s how to grow big deer. Earlier this week a magnum 15-point buck was taken that could shatter the always teetering Wisconsin record book. The buck fell to novice hunter Jeff Weber of Johnsburg, just minutes away from where Wayne Schumacher took his record buck (once called the Field and Stream buck) two years prior. Both bucks were checked in at the same establishment – Dutch’s Trading Post.

weber buck from wisconsin

Jeff Weber poses with his first deer ever shot with a bow.

Weber has been chasing the GIANT 15-point buck since he first got pictures of it on one of his trailcameras this past year. With a limited gun season, he decided to take up bowhunting at the last minute to increase his chances. He bought a used bow and a target and started practicing as much as he could. That was mid-August. At 6:40 pm on Wednesday, October 5th that practice paid off big when Weber got a 30 yard opportunity. After several hours of tracking a blood trail that went cold, Weber and friends were just about to give up when they found the deer. That was after 10 pm.

wisconsin giant buck in truck bed aerial

Weber, who works as a steamfitter, was greeted by firefighters, policemen, and onlookers outside Dutch’s most of the day Thursday after taking the buck. Jack LaPine, owner of Dutch’s says, “[the] deer has the potential to be a state champ. It's not too often you see something with that mass."

wisconsin buck with onlookers

Outside Dutch's Trading Post onlookers gaze at what could be a NEW Wisconsin record.

While there seems to be no early reports yet on what the buck will score, it’s clear that he goes over 200 inches. What we do know is that the buck carries a 22 3/8 inside spread, shattering Schumacher’s 2009 record buck’s spread by more than two inches.

A huge congratulations goes out to rookie bowhunter Jeff Weber on this incredible once in a lifetime (unless you hunt near Fon Du Lac) buck. Congrats Jeff! We at the Hunting Network bet you’re hooked now!

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