16-Foot Florida Python Eats Deer

Posted by: Mike Willand
Nov 2011

Besides being uncomfortably humid in the summer, chock full of retirees, and home of the Miami Dolphins, Florida deer hunters also have to put up with the invasive Burmese python. A snake that grows big enough to eat the deer!

giant snake on hydro boat

Late last month officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission used a shotgun to kill a 16-foot non-native python. The reptiles are being hunted down in an effort to combat their exploding population which is now threatening the already fragile ecosystem of the south Florida Everglades. While further investigating the belly of the snake, they found the full carcass of a 76-pound deer!

deer carcass in snake

The female snake weighed more than 215 pounds with the deer and 139 pounds without it. To accommodate the deer, the girth at the snake’s stomach measured an astonishing 44 inches!

python with deer in belly

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Re: 16-Foot Florida Python Eats Deer


Posted by joe on 2/4/2012 8:14:30 PM

Re: 16-Foot Florida Python Eats Deer

wow very cool! o_O

Posted by kolby Ewards on 2/9/2012 9:54:16 AM

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