ScoutLook Develops App to Help Hunting Outfitters

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Jul 2012

ScoutLook has been a go to technological break through for deer hunters for the last several years.  With up to the minute weather info, ScoutLook is surely responsible for several successful deer hunts.  This year, however, they are taking it one step further and assisting hunting outfitters!

Problem: You want to keep accurate records of hunting activity on your property and end having to rely on your client’s memory for deer observations while afield. You also aren’t crazy about current log systems that track deer observations for herd and management purposes. Getting your hunters to provide you with all of their observations after the fact is daunting and susceptible to memory loss. In addition, the chances of you being provided with the exact time and weather conditions (wind, temperature, etc) at each sighting location, is highly unlikely.

Solution: Welcome to ScoutLook® DeerLogTM, the ultimate Weather & Deer Management/Planning tool for Deer Hunters and EVEN BETTER for Outfitters….

Now you can have every hunting client from any stand location on any of your owned/leased properties transmit information for all deer observations, rutting or feeding activity, sex, age, antler info plus time/date stamp wirelessly to a FREE online logbook only YOU control…and automatically capture weather, solunar, and condition data at time of every observation. Yes, it’s revolutionary…

Scout Look Weather

Create Your Account: Just set up an account at as an Outfitter Administrator. It’s private, free, easy, and completely under your control. 

As an Outfitter, you do NOT need to purchase the app unless you also want to log information to your Outfitter account. 

The ScoutLook DeerLog App is available for iPhone and Android, and a must for your clients to start streaming their deer info to your account. And it’s only $3.99. Client instructions on are below on page two…

NOTE: If you are ALREADY have a Scoutlook account; you must create the administrator account with a NEW email address. Just create a new one in Gmail or similar. How ScoutLook® DeerLog™ Works: For each property you manage, you create precise stand locations using our satellite map based tool – just drag and drop a pin then SAVE. Create a “Group” name for each property and assign the stands to each. Next create a unique Outfitter Code for each group so hunting clients simply plug in the code and start logging deer from their DeerLogTM app to YOUR Outfitter logbook.

As the outfitter Administrator, you can access all logs posted from your clients through QuickLog for DEER. Sort log entries to see which stands and properties produced, rutting activity, age and ratio structure by date and time with the weather! Export your information any time to Excel for further use. It's a Deer Log like nothing you've ever seen!

Your hunting clients will enjoy using it for the first time if they’re not already a user. There is NO typing required for the log to be posted to your Outfitter account. Once they’re home, they can start using DeerLog™ for their own hunting areas.

App Instructions New ScoutLook DeerLog Users: iPhone and Android phone users must purchase and download ScoutLook® DeerLog™ for $3.99. It’s a one-time purchase and you can use it later at your home hunting area. You will get updates free of charge, plus free access to QuickLog for Deer at Set up your account once the DeerLog App is downloaded to your phone.

Returning Scoutlook DeerLog Users: Before arriving at your stand, simply type in the Outfitter Code given to you by your outfitter into the login area of your DeerLog™ app. Once you get to your hunting area, be sure your GPS is enabled and watch as the outfitter’s stand locations suddenly appear on your screen!

The Process:

1) Download DeerLog™ App to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

2) Get Outfitter Code from Outfitter. Code will be according to group or land location.

3) Enter Outfitter Code upon login once in field or at assigned stand location.

4) Log deer observations while in stand. Info streamed to outfitter's log.

5) Outfitter views and manages logs by group and stand locations.

This simple process allows Outfitters to document and review all deer logs provided. Date, time, deer activity, sex, age, size, and weather conditions are streamed wirelessly from your app to the Outfitter’s account. The code expires at midnight on each day. The same code can be re-entered if you are hunting the same group/property area the next day. If a new area is hunted, a different Outfitter Code will be provided for log entries. Good Hunting!

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