Take Care of Pregnant Does Now with Rack One's Overload

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Jan 2013

GRAYLING, Mich. (January 11, 2013) - While the excitement of the rut may be just a fond memory, this time of year is the most important time to properly care for the herd, especially the does. As winter turns to spring, does require a lot of protein and fat to bring their bodies back to health while simultaneously providing nutrition for the growing fetus or fetuses. That is where Rack One's Overload comes in. As part of the IGNITE Whitetail Hunting System, Overload is packed with 20-percent protein and a guaranteed analysis of nine-percent fat content with six-percent fiber. This is a perfectly balanced diet for a pregnant whitetail.

By feeding the mothers-to-be a healthy diet of Overload, they are able to immediately begin to recuperate from the winter and will be much more likely to maintain a healthy full-term pregnancy. If a doe is not healthy, her body will naturally abort that pregnancy in order to survive. This leads to a higher rate of mortality, which will decrease the number of deer in the herd in the future. This creates what is commonly referred to as a generation gap. The doe could also give birth to a low weight fawn, causing smaller antler growth and other issues in a new generation of the herd.

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Does are also very stressed when lactating and caring for their offspring. Most of their energy is used to protect and feed their hungry fawns. If the doe's nutritional needs are not properly met during this critical time period, she will be in very poor body condition by late summer or early fall. This is when rut begins again, and she will not be prepared to sustain a healthy pregnancy. The negative stress cycle of the herd begins once again.

"That is why ranchers and deer managers need to take care of the does very carefully during this critical time of year," said Casey Keefer, vice president of marketing. "One season of poor nutrition can throw the whole herd off.

"The does are the key to a successful herd, and you have to take good care of them," Keefer concluded.

All in all, the Condition Phase is one of the most important chapters of the Rack One Ignite Whitetail System. By using it properly, hunters and land managers can ensure their herd remains healthy and in good balance, thus leading to more successful days in the field come fall.

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