The SCENTite Deluxe Blind by Advantage Hunting

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Jun 2013

If your deer stand doesn't provide you with the scent-control, features and comfort you desire, then consider the SCENTite Deluxe Blind by Advantage Hunting.

The patented SCENTite scent-proof technology built into each Deluxe Blindpulls in fresh air through intake ports located near the base of the blind, drafting air up and out of an exhaust pipe located over 30 feet above the ground, similar to a chimney in your home.
In addition, windows seal against a gasket to keep them scent-tight and weatherproof while flipping up outwardly providing an unobstructed view or shot.

ScentTite Hunting Blind

Whether you prefer to hunt with a gun or a bow, the Deluxe Blind provides you a perfect shot opportunity thanks to tinted polycarbonate windows, which offer you a 360-degree view, all the while providing concealment.                     
Hunt from the ground or elevated in this versatile blind. The Deluxe Blind comes available with a locking full-size walk-in door for use on the ground or a trap-door-through-the-floor when used elevated.

The heavy-duty Polyethylene olive drab shell with black interior is lightweight and virtually maintenance-free. This weather- and bug-proof blind is carpeted with a 3/4" pressure-treated plywood floor and is available in both a two- and four-person design.
So, make the change today? Choose a deer stand that will give you the scent-free and comfortable experience afield that you deserve.      

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Re: The SCENTite Deluxe Blind by Advantage Hunting

When I set mine up the door does not close at the top or bottom. What can I do?

Posted by Robert Kreischer on 10/17/2014 4:57:06 PM

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