Farming For Wildlife

Farming for Wildlife
Learn more about growing monster bucks and how to imporve your food plots by reading Farming for Wildlife.

Do you want to learn more about growing huge bucks, attracting wild turkeys or simply improving your food plots?

Then you need to subscribe to BIOLOGIC'S Farming for Wildlife magazine. Four information packed issues a year spell out the latest proven spring and fall management techniques that guarantee to improve your hunting success.

Farming for Wildlife features informative columns from industry experts including fertilizers, herbicides, management issues, equipment, wildturkeys, waterfowl, whitetail deer and much more. You will also find in Farming for Wildlife how-to hunting articles.

According to Bobby Cole, Editorial Director of Farming for Wildlife, “BioLogic’s Farming for Wildlife is a great source of information for the wildlife manager who wants to take his property to the next level - as most of us do. We live in the information age, with cell phones, Blackberry’s and the internet. But nothing beats an old-fashioned magazine chock full of good how-to articles and photography. Reading and re-reading at your own pace allows the information to be digested to its fullest. Our regular columns and features have all been designed to touch areas of interest which are pertinent to today’s management environment. From whitetails to waterfowl and soil tests to spray rigs, BioLogic’s Farming for Wildlife promises to deliver the information you want and need to know.”



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