Hunters, in most cases, have to work their plots on weekends. Therefore, not like a farmer, they have to plow and plant when they can, not after a rain or when conditions are ideal. The number one complaint we hear is that the plot did not come up, or the stand was thin, or it came up, but was weak and did not grow off.

DeltAg Seed Coat

Seed Coat

What is Seed Coat? This biostimulant product is a dry seed treatment, designed to enhance Wildlife Food Plot performance. Treat Seed When You Plant!

Seed Coat contains a proprietary chemistry from DeltAg Wildlife, that has been proven for many years to enhance seed germination, emergence, grow off, and survival.

Seed Coat is designed to help establish a healthier stand in your food plots, regardless of weather conditions.

Seed Coat contains a proprietary organic complexer, and specific amino acid, vitamin and enzyme chemistry to aid in seedling vigor and grow off.

How to Apply

Foliar Application

Seed Treatment: With Seed Coat as a dry seed treatment, the hunter simply applies Seed Coat to the bag of seed or the seed planter at a rate of one pouch or 4 ounces per 50 pound bag (one ounce per 10 to 12 pounds) of seed and stirs it slightly before planting. With Seed Coat, the seed and emerging seedling will have more tolerance to stress (too dry or too wet, too hot or too cold, too shallow or too deep). The quicker it gets up, out of the ground and growing, the less impact weather stress will have on the resulting stand. Available in a 4 ounce pouch, and a 3 # Pail (includes a 4 Oz. scoop). When Seed Coat is not applied as a seed treatment, it is not too late to reap the benefits... Plant Power Foliar may be applied as an over-the-top application to the food plot foliage after the stand is up and established. It can even be applied with most herbicides or insecticides. The best method is to make this foliar application after the first ‘true’ leaf has emerged and follow up with a second application again in two to three weeks. The benefits are the same: Healthier, more energetic and growing plants. The result is less stress and better early growth. Foliar Rate: Foliar applications may be made at 32 ounces per acre broadcast.
DeltAg Wildlife Plant Power

DeltAg Wildlife Plant Power

Plant Power is a true ‘Biostimulant’, designed to en-hance root development, crop vigor, growth and development; the result of which is ‘Higher Protein Content’ in Wildlife Food Plots.

Plant Power may be applied to young seedling food plots as a foliar spray at a broadcast rate of 32 Oz per acre. For best results, make an application after the first true leaf has developed and follow with a second application two to three weeks later. Apply with enough water for ample coverage (5 to 10 gallons total). Plant Power is an effective foliar on ALL plants.

DeltAg Soil Solution

Soil Solution

Soil Solution is designed to aid soils that are in need of lime until lime can be applied. Soil Solution is formulated with a blend of micro-nutrients, designed to enhance microbial activity which aids in digestion of post harvest residue; the result of which is healthier soils for better support of plant growth.

Soil Solution should be applied to your soils as a broadcast spray at a rate of 24 or 32 oz per acre . For best results, apply Soil Solution at 24 ounces per acre after plowing, but, before seed is incorporated into the soil. This will insure shallow incorporation for better benefits to the soil in the initial rooting zone.

Apply with enough water for ample coverage (5 to 10 gallons total). In no-till situations, or after the crop has been planted, apply 32 ounces per acre of Soil Solution anticipating rain for incorporation into the soil.

Life in the Soil


In agriculture we have known for over 100 years that our soils are alive with what we know as micro flora. This is all of the micro-organisms that MUST be present for our soils to function and allow plants to grow. Bacteria, algae, and yes, even nematodes, are not only present, but necessary for your soils to be healthy and productive. Certain strains of micro flora are required in order for specific nutrients to convert to forms that your crop can use. The growth and activities of these bacteria are the only source for oxygen in your soil. Without oxygen, your soils become compacted, tight, hard and dry. Soil Solution may be applied at 24 ounces per acre broadcast and incorporated. In no-till situations, a rate of 32 ounces is preferred and rain incorporation is necessary for activation to be successful. Fall application is preferred over Spring time simply because the results are a function of time. “It takes time.” DeltAg field tests have shown a 35% increase in stubble digestion over 4 months including Winter months.


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