Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame Innovations is a leading producer of quality deer feed and supplements

Wildgame Innovations is a family owned and run company that was officially founded in early 2002, but really started its grassroots back in the mid-90s when the quality deer management movement got going.

Greens N-Raged

Greens N-Raged

Harvested Greens Ready to Eat

Greens N-Raged is a new product from 2009 from Wildgame Innovations! It is a hybird formulation that combines the TOP HARVESTED FOOD PLOT GREENS with Nutritional Food Supplements into a ready to eat "Pourable Food Plot" Attractant!

  • Extreme Green Attractant
  • Processed food plot, DO NOT Plant
  • The Perfect Pourable Food Plot Attractant
  • Harvest Greens Ready to Eat!
  • Enticing Natural Food Plot Flavors
  • The Power of Acres of food plots in every bag!
Sugar Beet Smash

Sugar Beet Smash

Real Smashed Sugar Beet Attraction

Sugar Beet Smash contains real sugar beets smashed and blended into an ultra concentrated pourable attractant powder. The smashed powder has powerful sugar beet drift scent that attracts quick! The power of bushels in every bag!

  • Ultra Sweet Sugar Beets
  • Powerful Sugar Beet Drift Scent
  • The Power of Bushels in Every Bag
Acorn Rage

Acorn Rage

Most hunters agree that REAL ACORNS are the most effective, wide spread natural deer attractant across the nation. It is also well known that deer will sometimes abandon corn, wheat and even lush green food plots when fresh ripe acorns start dropping.

After many long years of Research and Development, Wildgame Innovations has finally made it possible to use real acorns all year long. After the collection, the acorns are then crushed and mixed with a special oil enriched roasted soybean meal in an extensive extrusion process.

This trade secret then enables stabilization and preserves what actually triggers a deer's sense of taste/smell. Part of the secret lies in quickly preserving and stabilizing the fresh oils and tastes found in real ripening acorn that has just hit the ground, which releases the ever so tempting tastes that deer crave.

Acorn Rage was strategically developed to be both attractive to deer while being nutritionally important in aiding their overall health and helping support superior antler growth.

This concentrated formula is ready to use right out of the bag with no mixing required. Acorn Rage is not a flavoring, not an extract, not a scent or aroma, but an actual real acorn taste that drives deer into a RAGE of hunger all season long.

Acorn Rage Feeder Fat™

Acorn Rage Feeder Fat™

You know where your deer head when acorns start to fall! Imagine having the capability to make Real Acorns rain directly out of your Corn Feeder. Acorn Rage Feeder Fat™ is a highly concentrated FATTY Acorn Pellet that is designed to mix with Corn in your feeder to bring in deer by the bundles and supply a high grade of fat in their daily diet. Not only will deer storm to feast on the Real Acorns contained in the pellet but they will also start to thrive off the High Fat content they so desperately need and seek out in the fall and winter.

Most hunters agree that REAL ACORNS are the most effective, wide spread natural deer attractant across the nation. It is also well known that deer will sometimes abandon corn, wheat, and even lush green food plots when fresh ripe acorns start dropping. Why is this?? Besides having the taste that whitetail prefer, Acorns have a very high fat content of 17%! Deer naturally know that they need fat in their diet, especially before the rut and fall/winter months. Acorn Rage Feeder Fat™ is a mega concentrated HI-FAT pellet designed to bring corn to the next level of attracting more whitetail to your feeder while giving them a nutritional charge of extra FAT.

The Real Meal

The Real Meal

Realtree Road Trips, The Real Meal, from our boys at Wildgame Innovations, is no doubt, the Real Deal! The Real Meal is an all-new hunting site accelerator that supercharges your area quick.

This freak formula combines the top deer grains crushed up into one special concentrated meal, and then is mixed with the best minerals and nutrients found anywhere. Put the "petal to the metal" with this macdaddy attractant that gives your whitetail the extra boost they need.

Not only does it accelerate your hunting site, it also helps drive vital nutrients to keep their "engines" running at peak performance!

No matter if you're going North, South, East or even West, The Real Meal was made to make your own road trip a success. Get ready to put the smack down on your own monster buck with this ready-to-use, concentrated attractant that will have 'em "racing" to your spot for more!

Honey Hole™

Honey Hole™

The "Black Hole" Edition

Honey Hole™ "Black Hole" Edition is in a Mineral Class of its own. This Special Edition formula can last up to 2 months after just one application. Although it can be applied week to week, deer in the area gravitate to this mineral magnet even when substance has been licked clean from the ground. That’s when you’ll see the Black Hole start to form as deer consistently get sucked into the Honey Hole™ that you have created.

This Super Concentrated Dense Mineral Mix helps suck deer right into this Black Hole. Honey Hole "Black Hole" Edition is sure to assist in taking your deer light years ahead of your neighbors’ and help you blast off on the buck of a lifetime.

Starting in the spring/summer growth period, this balanced blend will continuously bring whitetail to your honey-hole” all year long! This mix even contains added Apple flavor that will have your deer diggin’ for more! Create your own Honey Hole today! 5.5 lbs.

Deer Go Insane

Deer Go Insane

Deer Go Insane is Wildgame Innovations' formulation of the well-known white powder mineral attractant. Deer Go Insane is a concentrated addictive mineral site mixture containing beneficial vitamins and minerals that make deer go insane. Once deer find these minerals they crave for growth, they will dig, paw, lick, and roll in the site, creating a wallow.

Deer Go Insane is a great to attract, hold, and pattern deer in your area, plus provides your deer herd with incredible blend of important vitamins and minerals. No other "addictive" mix provides as many key vitamins and minerals….

Start the cravings today!

Predator Pile

Predator Pile

Predator Pile Attractant-Bait is the newest attractant used for coaxing all predators by deceiving their nose. Wildgame Innovations is the first to produce a Highly Concentrated Hunger Stimulant Attractant that resembles a gut pile/harvested animal in a bag. For years, predator hunters used calls to deceive their sense of hearing. The use of electronic motion decoys stimulates their sense of sight tricking them into believing there really is an injured animal. The predator Pile™ is the first and only predator attractant that's edible and smells like a fresh gut pile.

Predator hunters have used actual carcasses of dead animals to lure predators to an area where they can be ambushed. However, hauling and finding animal carcasses is inconvenient. The Predator Pile™ is a Highly Concentrated Hunger Stimulant Attractant that has many uses in luring predators to within gun range. Trappers can also use the Predator PileTM as bait when trying to lure all predators to their trapping sites. Hunters who use bait piles to lure predators to a consistent site can now simply use the Predator Pile™ as a management tool in eliminating unwanted predators around their precious stock.



Pro-lasses is a highly protein enriched molasses compound packed with additional vitamins A,D & E and numerous minerals that not only whitetail deer need for a healthy diet, but crave its sweet molasses flavoring. Pro-lasses is NOT your ordinary molasses deer product. Consisting of 20% crude protein and 3% crude fat, Pro-lasses is a perfect deer supplement to grain piles and superior deer attractant when poured on the ground, on old stumps and over salt or deer mineral blocks. On your next hunt, put the odds in your favor and use the nutrient dense, flavor enriched Pro-lasses.

  • 20% protein and 3% fat with added vitamins A,D & E and numerous minerals.
  • Simply pour on grain piles, on ground, over old stumps or over salt or deer mineral blocks.
  • A protein enriched molasses that can beat any old regular molasses on performance and price.
Apple Infused Peanut Bucker

Apple Infused Peanut Bucker

Wildgame Innovations introduces Apple Infused Peanut Bucker™, the best kept secret for whitetail attraction. When we added our special Apple Infused Flavor Inticer to our liquefied peanut butter we unleashed an unprecedented combo of massive attracting potential. For years hunters have kept peanut butter “their little secret”, but we’re grabbing the buck by the horns and revealing what gives these hunters the edge! Peanut Bucker™ is real liquid peanut butter plus an apple infused flavor that deer can’t pass up. This sweet treat attractant is also very nutritious to give your deer he extra protein and fat needed for growth. There are other “attractants” on the market…Don’t be a sucker, use Peanut Bucker™!

For years, peanut butter was one of the first whitetail deer attractants used and was the hunters “best kept secret”. This super sweet deer attractant is guaranteed to entice any whitetail deer down wind. Peanut Bucker is a high protein deer food attractant in an easy to carry hangable bucket.

For quick results, simply pour over old stump, favorite grain pile, on bare ground and let the deer start rummaging the area. For long term use, hang bucket by its handle on any tree limb near your favorite deer hunting location. Clear the ground beneath the bucket in a four foot area, until nothing but dirt is shown. Punch small holes in the bottom of the bucket so that the sweet and nutritious peanut butter oils will slowly drip out of bucket and onto bare ground over a 2-3 day period.

Like all products at Wildgame Innovations, Peanut Bucker is a sweet powerful deer attractant loaded with nutrition, so don’t be a sucker, use Peanut Bucker.

  • 15% protein, 30% fat and 2% fiber.
  • Quick results, pour on ground, old stumps, salt or deer mineral blocks or add to grain pile.
  • Long term results, hang from tree limb and poke holes in bottom for slow dripping.
  • Usually Consumed in less than 3 days…makes for a great weekend deer attractant
  • Also can be used as a yardage gauge when bow hunting…walk off 20 yards from your hunting stand and hang the Peanut Bucker, this will serve as a yardage marker in the “crunch” time when you don’t have the time to range the deer yourself, and the ultra flavored bucket will also keep the deer’s mind on food and not on your human scent.
Big Buck Crunch™

Big Buck Crunch™

Through extensive testing, Wildgame Innovations delivers Big Buck Crunch™, with an all-new userfriendly package and new improved formula. This block is packed with Soybeans, Corn, Oats, Buck Bran™, and now contains the flavors Deer love! It is not a salt lick or mineral block, but a highly digestible, highprotein attractant. Rapidly consumed in two to three days, you will quickly see why this revolutionary attractant is unlike any block on the market!

  • 16% protein, 2% fat and 7% fiber.
  • Consists of soybeans, corn, oats, extruded rice bran, molasses, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals.
  • Easy to carry block, simply place on ground around hunting area.
  • Highly digestible deer attractant in three aromatic flavors (Fresh Apple & Persimmon).
  • Usually Consumed in less than 3 days…very good for a weekend deer attractant
  • Very good to place out before season to keep deer in your hunting area
Feeder Intensi-Fire

Feeder Intensi-Fire

Mix this ultraconcentrated pelletized formula with grain or feed in your feeder to add nutrition and sugar that will maximize the potential of your herd. Intense scent will get deer using your feeder immediately.

  • Feeder Intensi-Fire is an ultra-concentrated, nutritional deer supplement pellet that is extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Due to its unique pellet size, Feeder Intensi-Fire can be poured directly into all spin-cast feeders, trough feeders, free-choice gravity feeders as well as poured on the ground and mixed with corn
  • Mix Feeder Intensi-Fire with your favorite deer food source such as corn, peas, soybeans and even alfalfa/protein pellets to give your trophy deer that added boost of nutrition and energy
Buck Bran™ Protein Mix

Buck Bran™ Protein Mix

The high protein and fat content of Buck Bran™ provides optimal nutrients to take deer to the next level of development. This easily digested, high-protein and high-energy nutrition has a taste that deer crave. The extruded rice bran, cracked corn, soybean meal, vitamins, minerals and molasses provide maximum nutritional value while attracting high numbers of deer. Can be fed straight or mixed with grain or feed. 5-lb. bag.

  • Easily digested, high-protein, high-energy nutrition
  • Maximum nutritional value and attracting power
  • Use alone or mix with grain or feed


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