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Kasco MFG
Kasco Valu Drill

Kasco Valu Drill

The Valu-Drill utilizes the same proven metering system as all of Kasco's line of drills. The Valu-Drill is close-coupled, so it's easier to lift. It can be used in either no-till or worked ground conditions. All of the openers and the cultipackers are spring-loaded. Depth control is quick and easy. The seed metering system of the Valu-Drill is driven by the rear cultipacker wheels.

  • A Simple, Rugged Drill with Extra Value.
  • Openers and Cultipackers are Spring-Loaded.
  • Can be Used in Either No-Till or Worked Soil.
  • Heavy 3x3 Tube Welded Frame.
  • 14" Heavy Duty Openers with Oversized Bearings.
  • Openers and Cultipackers are Spring-Loaded.
  • Close-Coupled so It's Easier to Lift.
  • Simple & Easy Depth Control.
Kasco Eco Drill

Kasco Eco Drill

Kasco's Eco-Drills are Simple in Design, Yet Rugged enough to withstand severe No-Till conditions. Utilizing a Unique Seed Metering Design, the Eco-Drill will allow you to plant a wide variety of seed sizes and types. An optional Warm Season Grass Box allows the Eco-Drill to plant native grasses as well. The metering system is ground driven for more consistent seeding.

A standard 3-speed easy-change gearbox modifies the seed drop rate without the use of tools. Heavy 16" diameter notched coulters slice the ground. Single disc concave openers form the seedbed trench. Heavy Duty Cast Cultipacker Wheels firm the seedmet to ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact. The Eco-Drills are available as either 3-point models or with an optional pull-type kit to allow the units to be transported easily between fields or farms.

  • Shown: 72" Eco-Drill with Warm Season Grass Box
    Width: 6'
    Drops: 9
  • No-Till Drill
  • Metering System for Wide Variety of Seed Sizes
  • Heavy Duty Cultipacker Wheels for Coverage
Kasco Versa Drill

Kasco Versa Drill

The Versa-Drill is the 2nd Generation of Kasco's No-Till Drills. Developed for use in small food plots, the Versa-Drill is available as a 4-foot unit for behind compact tractors or ATVs, or as a 6-foot three-point model. The front slicing coulters and rear disc openers are on a Walking Beam axle which allows both to stay in contact with the ground in uneven or rough terrain. Heavy-duty cast cultipacker wheels firm the seedbed to ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact.

The metering system used is a time-proven grand drill system, which is capable of handling a wide variety of seeds. Plant: alfalfa, clover, turnips, rye, sunflower, soybeans, corn, and much more. The metering system is ground driven for more consistent seeding. A 3-speed easy-change gearbox quickly changes the seed drop rate.

  • Ideal for Food Plots,Pasture Renovation, Waterways
  • Compact for Maneuverability, Yet Durable & Rugged
  • Walking Beam Axle Flexes to Follow Terrain


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