Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries

Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries

If you are looking for "down to earth" plant varieties for wildlife, oak trees, hybrid oak trees, fruit trees, or just about any other plant that improves wildlife habitat you have come to the right place. So, come on in, we share your passion for nature and offer specially selected, hand grown plants to folks out there trying to get closer to nature.

Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries began as all of the segments of the Mossy Oak enterprise, with a fistful of dirt and a deep rooted desire to get people closer to nature. Our founder, Toxey Haas, was, and still is, utterly obsessed with resource and land management. It inspired him to create a unique camouflage pattern called Bottomland in 1986 and has since continued to drive the entire Mossy Oak enterprise to offer folks better ways to get closer to nature.


Planting Tips

Plants are essentially nutrient transfer agents; naturally, if they aren’t in the right soil and conditions, they won’t flourish or be able to provide as much benefit as they would if planted in the right conditions. Browse through our plant offering by category or search our plant catalog for specific plants. You’ll learn valuable information about each one including the proper soils to plant them in and the natural benefits you and the wildlife will receive from planting them.


What types of plants grow best on my property?

Tree types and species vary widely and are suited to specific soils and conditions; the best way to decide on the type of trees to plant on your property is to start with determining the soil types and what types of plants are already naturally growing. Once you understand the types of soils and existing flora then we will work with you to decide the best plant types based on your specific soil type, conditions, and desired outcome.


When is the best time to plant a tree?

Trees can be planted throughout the year with proper soil conditions and ample water. Traditionally, most trees are planted during their dormant stage which occurs in the winter and early spring months. During this dormant stage the plant focuses on creating and/or improving its root system below the ground rather than on growing above the ground. Thus, planting during this stage allows the plant to establish its roots for a few weeks before spring growth begins.


Will fertilizing help the plants once in the ground?

While it varies throughout the year, all plants need nutrients to feed on year round. Timing your feeding to occur at the ideal time year and feeding the right mix of nutrients and enough to achieve the desired results while being sure that you don’t overfeed is the ideal way to fertilize and/or feed. This varies greatly with different plant species, so be sure and talk to our staff and have a good understanding of the species requirements before feeding and/or fertilizing.


How often should I water plants?

Much like feeding and/or fertilizing plants, water requirements vary greatly with the plant species. Some plants have high moisture requirements while others could be damaged from too much moisture and/or poor drainage, so be sure and know the individual requirements of the plants and take it into consideration before selecting plants for specific sites.



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