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Hunter's Specialties

Hunter's Specialties is the world's largest manufacturer of hunting accessories and has been producing quality products since 1977.

Hunter's Specialties manufactures over 900 products. Owners David and Carman Forbes, who live by the company motto "For Sportsmen, By Sportsmen," started H.S. with just one product--No-Mar Camo Gun & Bow Tape.

Vita-Rack Moisture Trap®

Vita-Rack Moisture Trap®

Vita-Rack Moisture Trap® captures and stores rainfall throughout the year, releasing up to 95% of the absorbed water as the soil dries to provide a constant source of moisture and nutrients to plants.

After five years of research and development, researchers in the turf industry discovered the technological breakthrough that resulted in Moisture Trap.

When incorporated into the soil at planting time, Moisture Trap provides plants with much needed water for a 12-month period. It can also be applied topically to existing plantings, and gets down under the thatch layer to supply food plots with water for 90 days of coverage.

Moisture Trap is compatible with all types of soil structures and vegetation. When used during planting of young trees and shrubs it can reduce mortality by up to 40%.

Moisture Trap mixes easily with water and doesn’t leave a hard or sticky residue on sprayer equipment.

  • Works at the root level to speed germination, stimulate plant growth and improve seedling survival
  • Plant roots grow deep for greater vitality and stability
  • Works with all plant types
  • Provides 12 months of moisture management when tilled into the soil
  • Applied topically, Moisture Trap gives existing food plots the bvoost they nmeed to get through long, hot, dry conditions
Vita-Rack® 26

Vita-Rack® 26

The Vita-Rack® 26 whitetail formula contains 26 high quality vitamins and minerals essential to helping whitetails reach their full potential. This patented nutritional system provides year-round nutrition and creates bigger, healthier deer. It helps control ticks, which assists deer in maintaining a healthier immune system. The calcium and phosphorus in Vita-Rack 26 support bone and antler development. The granular mixture digests quickly and will bring deer back again and again.



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