Trophy Rock

Trophy Rock

Trophy Rock is the single most powerful natural mineral lick. Extracted from a pristine mineral deposit in central Utah, Trophy Rock descends from an ancient sea bed over 150 million years old, preserved by an embalming layer of volcanic ash.

Outdoor enthusiasts use Trophy Rock to observe, hunt, and harvest quality big game and wildlife. Whether it's whitetail deer, elk, caribou, antelope, boars, or even black bears. Whether using a bow, a rifle, a muzzle loader, binoculars, or just taking pictures. Trophy Rock is the best supplement available. It's natural. It's effective. And it's beneficial. We guarantee it.


Deer Nutrition and Minerals

Nutrient deficient soils limit the amounts of vital minerals that deer can receive from naturally occurring forage. Just how common are mineral deficiencies in soils? Common Enough. Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Sulfur are known as macro nutrients because they are needed in large amounts in a deer's diet. Other mineral nutrients are also very important in order for deer to function properly. Interestingly, deer can only process these micro minerals in small amounts. In bigger volumes these minerals become toxic to the deer.

Trophy Rock

Macro Minerals

Calcium is absorbed through the small intestine into the blood; it combines with phosphorus to help make hard crystal-like substances that create the latticework on which stronger antler, bone, and teeth are built.

Phosphorus is needed for the deer's formation of antler, bone, and teeth. It is important in many of the chemical reactions in the deer's body, including the ones that help regulate the release of energy that fuels the body. Eighty-five percent of their body's phosphorus is located in the bones.

Potassium is a crucial mineral that is very important in proper pH balanced and healthy digestion. Along with sodium and chloride it helps to form electrolytes-the electrically charged ions which make up a deer's body fluid.

Magnesium - Vital for making sure the calcium is used properly, which is crucial for sturdy teeth and bones, magnesium helps turn food into energy and assists in the transmission of electrical impulses across nerves and muscles.

Sodium is a natural carrier of trace minerals. It plays a major role in nerve impulse transmission and the rhythmic maintenance of heart action. Efficient absorption of amino acids and monosaccharide from the small intestine requires adequate sodium. [Note: Salt is unique in that animals have a much greater appetite for the sodium and chloride in salt than any other minerals.]

Sulfur helps in the digestion of foods and is found based in the tendons and cartilage.

Trophy Rock

Micro Minerals

Iron Most of the iron consumed goes to form hemoglobin. The rest is stored in bone marrow, antlers, liver, spleen, and other organs. It is part of the critical enzymes which help in the digestion of feed.

Copper helps play a role in the deer's formation of flexible connective tissue and in the functioning of muscles, nerves and in the immune system. A deficiency can cause a weakened heart and blood vessel debilitation.

Zinc A mineral that works overtime to produce cells to keep the deer healthy, zinc aids in enzyme activation and is essential in first stage of antler growth. Healing, development, pregnancy, and lactation are all periods during which there is an increased need for zinc to create new cells.

Manganese is an essential part of biochemical reactions that affect the deer's bone, cartilage, brain function and energy supply. It makes up a part of molecules known as mucopolysaccharides, which are used to form collagen, the strong, fibrous connective material that builds tissue throughout the body including bone and cartilage. It also helps break down carbohydrates and fat for energy.

Cobalt Found in B-12, Cobalt is needed for the deer's growth, digestion, and rumen function.

Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to produce an important hormone called thyroxine. This helps regulate energy production and muscle tone, and aids during breeding and the manufacture and breakdown of tissue.

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that is thought to play a role in eyesight, liver function, heart health, hair and skin health.

Of special interest to hunters and deer managers is the function that these minerals play in deer body mass and antler size. We know that mature deer antlers contain up to 11 different minerals; and two of these, calcium and phosphorus, make up about 33% of total antler weight. Furthermore, the amount of phosphorus in a deer's diet is directly related to its body size (to a certain degree). The conclusion is that minerals are vital nutrients for deer health and the lack of such minerals will undoubtedly have adverse effects on the deer's appearance. Without sufficient amounts of both macro and micro nutrients, hunters and deer managers alike cannot expect to find the biggest bucks with healthy, potential-achieving racks.


Trophy Rock's Value

Most experts will agree with us that the best way to ensure that deer get all the necessary minerals and nutrients that their bodies need is to supplement their diets using both food plots and mineral supplements. The sustained (year-round and year to year) use of these resources will allow deer to reach their potential body and antler size. This is where Trophy Rock comes in to play. Trophy Rock contains over 50 minerals including all those listed above that, although in trace amounts, will provide balance to an animal's diet. Trophy Rock is highly palatable to many wildlife and particularly to whitetail deer. Trophy Rock is literally a mineral salt rock. As indicated, these minerals are not just beneficial, they are crucial to deer health.

Additionally, Trophy Rock is an all-natural product. This gives deer the opportunity to receive important nutrients in a way that Mother Nature herself has provided for them. Don't underestimate a deer's ability to sense the difference between a man-made and an all-natural product. They have an extremely powerful sense of smell that biologists still don't fully understand. That's why it's no surprise why deer choose Trophy Rock over other manufactured products. Trophy Rock is the most effective all-natural mineral lick on the market today.



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