Deer Creek Seed

Deer Creek Seed

Deer Creek Seed, Inc. is the only Midwestern company that grows, conditions and packages turf, forage, and wildlife food plot seed, continually perfecting our "seed stewardship." It's this science-combined with our depth of experience-that makes us proud to offer the Deer Creek Wildlife™ and Master Seedsmen® Brands. We take great care and pride in upholding these credentials for our customers.

Augmenting these strengths, our access to other specialized domestic and international growers enables us to offer the best of both worlds—caring and customizing for your precise requirements.

Deer Creek Seed Brassica Blend

Brassica Blend

A mixture of leafy brassicas to produce a lush forage that will attract and hold deer to your plots from mid to late fall. The complement of turnip provides an attractive food source that will sustain the draw of your plot through late fall and winter after the tops are gone. To best attract deer in late fall, plant Brassica Blend anytime from late summer to early fall.

  • 20% Winfred Forage Brassica
  • 20% Purple Top Turnip
  • 20% DCS Wildlife Brand Rape
  • 20% Rangi Forage Brassica
  • 20% Hunter Forage Brassica
Deer Creek Seed Logger's Trail Mix

Logger's Trail Mix

Deer Creek Wildlife's Logger's Trail Mix is a blend of grasses and white clover that will quickly produce cover. Logger's Trail Mix is a perennial crop that will grow in low-fertility, acidic or wet soils, and areas with less than ideal sunlight.

  • 30% Tall Fescue
  • 30% Creeping Red Fescue
  • 10% White Clover
  • 10% Perennial Ryegrass
  • 10% Annual Ryegrass
  • 10% Alsike Clover
Deer Creek Seed Wildlife Mix

Wildlife Mix

Deer Creek Wildlife's Wildlife Mix lives up to its name-a balanced mix of grass, clovers and trefoil preferred by a wide range of animals and birds year round. Adapted to a variety of soil types and growing conditions, Wildlife Mix is a good all-purpose choice for meadows, trails and borders.

  • 25% DCS 990 Brand Alsike Clover
  • 20% DCS 990 Brand Red Clover
  • 15% Big Buck Ladino Clover
  • 15% Haifa White Clover
  • 10% Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
  • 10% High Sugar Perennial Ryegrass
  • 5% Chicory


Cheyenne, WY
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