New York Deer Guards Goose

Posted by: Mike Willand
Apr 2011

Over the last several days in a Buffalo, New York cemetery, a young buck has been protecting a female goose that reportedly lost her mate in an undisclosed manner. Making her nest in an unused urn, the mother goose was first found by an employee of a company that humanely (again we remind you of the male goose who’s disappeared) traps and relocates geese for the cemetery.

deer and goose1

Erie County SPCA Wildlife Administrator, Joel Thomas, commented on behalf of the trapper, "When he approached the bird with a net, the deer puts itself between him and the bird, and he's repeated that behavior for some time."

The buck (who previously shed his antlers) has even gone so far as positioning himself broadside to any car or passerby who comes near the nest, and stares intently until any potential threat moves on. Recently even standing his ground against a barking dog!

deer goose2

It’s unclear as to what has made this unlikely animal duo connect at such an allied level, but we have to wonder what’s really in that goose’s nest? And why isn’t anyone looking for the buck’s sheds?

The Hunting Network staff will definitely be keeping a watchful eye on this story, bringing you full details on whether this buck stays the full gestation period of the goose (about 28 days) or if he flies the coop!

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