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May 2013

Heartland Wildlife Institute, the provider of the finest complete program for deer and wildlife management is pleased to introduce Lick Magic, a mineral supplement that attracts and keeps big deer on your property.

Heartland Wildlife Institute Lick Magic

As spring turns to summer, sodium levels on deer forage decreases. The need for extra salt in the diet becomes a growing concern. Lick Magic from Heartland Wildlife Institute provides an economical solution to this common problem. Offered in a 25lb bag, Lick Magic provides a great additional source of sodium, encouraging antler growth and a healthy herd. In addition, its special apple flavoring creates a mineral site that deer find irresistible. For best results, use Lick Magic in the key antler growing season. Simply pour on the ground, and watch the health and size of your herd grow.

About Heartland Wildlife Institute:

Heartland Wildlife Institute, a long time leader in providing quality products to the wildlife industry, is committed to providing the finest, complete program of deer and wildlife management, as well as mineral and food plot supplementation, in order to improve overall quality and health of the deer and wildlife on your land. To find out more on this product and our complete offerings visit us at:

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